Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park!!!

This is always one of the favorite places for our summer cousin camp and since the cousins were here for Christmas, Danielle wanted to take the kids. I was invited, too, to take a few photos! I've jumped before, but actually have more fun when I'm the paparazzi! Not sharp tack pictures since I'm sitting on the sidelines.

Garett catching the ball in dodgeball

Chance and Jake each playing dodgeball, too.

and Gary!

Abby and Sona 
Is Garett out?

Sona, Abby, and Jessi - love, love, love!

Veronica wants to play dodgeball

She got it!

Chance taking aim

Jake trying to bounce Sona and Abby AND film at the same time.

Chance is getting sweaty

Did Gary hold onto it?

Guess not!

I know these will be memories for the kids forever!

Jake showing the girls his skills he learned when he was a kid and had a trampoline in his backyard!

Danielle, too.

Veronica learning from Danielle and Jake

Danielle bouncing Jake

Looks fun, doesn't it?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with Danielle and Family

Gary, Danielle, Garett, Jessi, and Abby came into town the day after Christmas. We had so much fun with them playing games and I finally got to have someone over during the holidays.

Yay! Got to have family over AND use my Christmas dishes. We've been using them all month but we had to find them first!  Don't you love moving? Never could find my Christmas mug collection - I think they went to Goodwill!

The girls did their own shopping! Garett, too, he just couldn't find them until it was time to go home.

The girls got Chance "Fart in a Jar" and of course, he loved it.

There they go...playing with the "Fart in a Jar!"

Gary loves Alton Brown

Can you read that?

Pretend this is Christmas morning and this is why we look bad...just a few days later.

Roger looks nice because he had to go to work. The girls got him mints.

I got Jessi, Abby, and Sona matching aprons. I wish I would have taken a picture of all three of them together! Abby asked if she could wear hers as a dress!

Despicable Me!!!

Ooooh - wine in a beautiful bag - which Roger snatched right out of my hands (see below).

Another gift card!

Yay! A canvas for the family!

Family Dinner at Jake and Carmel's

Yes, I know, we keep getting together and opening presents (Danielle and family's turn to open presents with Jeremy's family and Jake's family)!  I hope some year Tony and Elizabeth will bring Izabel to spend Christmas with us. It was also very sad that Miranda wasn't here but she is taking every opportunity while she is teaching in Saudi Arabia to see more of the world. We miss her, but can't blame her! If you happen to look at the last photo - make sure you read the caption, it's not what it looks like!

Gary and I played against Chance and Garett in darts.

Chance and Garett were also playing ping-pong.

Gary and I won, but it was all Gary and this was his last turn!!

For baby brother

I wanna play!

Jocelynn gets a hat from Jessi and Abby

Like father, like daughter!

Gary looks puzzled - it's a massage roller from Jake and Carmel

Another present for Colton!

This was a big hit!

I wanna play this one, too!

I love Abby's flying hair!

and Sona's!

Look Mom!

Grandma Diane with Colton - isn't he so sweet??

Jessi wanted Uncle Jeremy to show her some magic tricks

This is not what you think! In October Jake seriously injured his fingernails at an orchard when he pulled some sweet potatoes out of the ground. Both nails on his middle fingers where ripped off and parts of a sweet potato were embedded under the nail of one of his middle fingers. OUCH!!! Carmel had to take him to the emergency room after waiting in a long line out of the orchard to pay for the crops.  Fortunately, when they saw the blood, they let them go through without paying. Well, he held up both of his middle fingers to show us how they were finally growing back and we were all cracking up at how he looked like he was flipping us off with both fingers. So of course, I had to take a picture. Fortunately, his fingers are healing.