Sunday, August 17, 2014

Roseann and James - Summer Wedding

Roseann and James had their first date many years ago but the timing wasn't right. Fast forward to years later after life happened and they found each other, again. This time, they made the commitment to love each other forever in front of God and many witnesses. I want to say, "we had a blast" but I've been using that expression for years. It still fits. Thank you Rosie and Jimmie for such a great time for everyone.

While every aspect of the wedding was enjoyable, except for the pastor scolding me for using my flash towards the end of the ceremony, oops, the details were probably the most delightful. You can tell the amount of love that went into planning this wedding. Love that my sister asked me to photograph their wedding.

The yellow ribbon was in honor of Jim's daughter, serving in Afghanistan

Dessert Table - Gimme Some Sugar

Just hitched

Signature drinks

Guests loved the homemade lemonade stand

Centerpieces and romantic book titles

Bridal Table - Runner says "Happily Ever After"

Even the cake had a literary theme

Hankies for Roseann's bridesmaids

Bridal Bouquet

The work is done - it's time to have some fun!

Most fun bouquet toss ever! Roseann faked them out the first time by keeping the bouquet and then everyone was out for blood!

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