Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

What could be better than going to wine country for Valentine's Day? Well, Hawaii or France, but this was a much better option when you are on a low budget. We had so much fun with Roger's sisters and our brothers-in-law. Plus, I got a chance to take more photos!

Our first stop was Tobin James...the photo isn't the best, but I just got a new iPhone for my birthday and wanted to test it out.

The beautiful, spacious, living room/home theatre room where we got to stay!

We started off celebrating Don's birthday on Sunday morning and playing Canasta (first up - Roger and I playing against the Don's)

San Marcos Creek was Roger's favorite winery, but he kept saying that with each new one we visited.

I took pics of each of the glasses so I'd remember the various wineries we went to.

Two of the servers at J. Lohr

Susan made lunches for us everyday and we would look for a winery with a patio so she could pull out our picnic lunch.

At J. Lohr, we stumbled upon another party celebrating a birthday and they shared cake with Don.

I think his name was Chris, the other birthday boy, and he was with a big family group celebrating his 60th!

They gave us more can tell how delicious it looks and it tasted just as good!

Onto Le Vigne

We have joked that anything would taste good wrapped in bacon or covered in chocolate. Here they put the two together and I still can't believe we didn't try it.

Susan and Don

A little bit of wine and a whole lot of love.

Don and Phyllis

Roger and me

Okay, onto more wineries...

Since it was Valentine's Day weekend, a lot of people were also serving chocolate. Eos Estate was one of them.

We came back to get ready to go to Jocko's to celebrate Don's birthday. This was our sunset view at the house.

Valentine's Day!
I had decided to drink less wine and take more photos on Valentine's Day and have to admit that sometimes I wouldn't even get inside the winery before the rest of the party was done.

I believe the next one, Justin's, was the favorite of the bunch! It certainly was with me. They had a restaurant, an inn, a swimming pool (too cold for swimming on the day we went) AND a winery. Beautiful! The wine was also great. We all want to go back, but not unless we hit the lotto!


Chris was our wine server and gave us the history of Justin's.

Next stop, Whalebone...

Our server is the owner's daughter.

Here she is with her dad in earlier days.

At Whalebone, they also had olive oil tasting. They were all good and the Balsamic Glaze was something I would have liked to bring home, too!

Next stop...Opolo's!

They had a patio, too, for our wonderful BBQ Chicken Salad, made by Susan. It was chilly, but they even came out and lit a couple of outdoor heaters for us.

This was a first for Phyllis, a whole glass of red wine, so we had to take a picture.


I couldn't believe how beautiful the countryside was. We all want to go back in the fall before they harvest the grapes.

Our last stop (besides our stop at Tobin James on the way out to buy wine glasses) was the Donati Family Vineyard. The house above was outside the wine tasting room. I wouldn't be surprised if that is the Donati's home.

Back at the house, we celebrated Valentine's Day with a fondue dinner. By the time we finished the cheese, meat, and veggie courses, we were too full for the chocolate fondue. It didn't go to waste (or our waists, yet) because we got up and had it for a breakfast appetizer with strawberries and pineapple). Another fun evening on our last night in Paso Robles.

Don Dewey bought roses for our centerpiece.

Veronica and I had taken a trip to Ethel M's before we left and I got little candy bars for our placecards.

This was the last morning of our trip and my birthday was coming up in a couple of days. I got presents from both couples and this one was from the Dewey's...a wine cork cage that they saw me admiring in Le Vigne.

Happy Birthday to me!/td>