Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun at Cousin Camp and VBS!

Such a week it has been! On our second day of cousin camp, we had a leak in the bathroom, this one not nearly as serious as the one in our previous house where the ceiling collapsed. We (well, Roger and Jake) just ripped up the carpet that we were going to replace, now SOONER than later.

The cousins are having a great time and Veronica made up a rap last night with Garett. Hopefully we can perform it for the parents. We've gone to Vacation Bible School everyday and Veronica, Jocelynn, and Garett have been helpers, while Chance, Jessi, Abby, and Sona are attending the VBS. I am the photographer for the VBS and have been making a video every day. It has been so fun, but I honestly don't know how people have 6 kids and survive! We couldn't do it without the help of the older cousins and Veronica the aunt!

Our second day before VBS - Veronica had to work Monday and Tuesday.
Abby and Ariah
Jocelynn and one of the children from her group.
Yay! Veronica didn't have to work the last 3 days!
Grandpa - patiently waiting to go swimming.
Sona's first VBS and first time cousin camp - they have to be 3 and potty-trained for both! She's figuring it out, and loving it!

Chance telling secrets to Kimberlee.
I promise, I did not make them do this! They just have fun!
Scrapbooking from past and present cousin camps and VBS!
Garett was also a great helper!

This little guy was Veronica's favorite in her class

I have more posts from the Sky Zone, Town Square, and swimming!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cousin Camp Begins!

Here we go for our 8th annual cousin camp! We've only missed one year (last year) because we had a house flood and ended up selling our house after the repairs were made.

Six kids from three families.

The cousins love each other and look forward to this every year!

Sona, Chance, Garett, Abby, Grandpa, and Jessi heading down to the pool.

Chance and Garett; Sona and Gigi; Abby and Veronica; and Jessi and Jocelynn

Uncle Jake always plays with the kids, plus he and Carmel brought pizza for everyone. This is their daughter's (Sona's) first cousin camp and want to ease her into it by being close by.

Tomorrow we start Vacation Bible School!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Veronica - Pampered Chef

Veronica had her first Pampered Chef party as a consultant!
LuCille was a great hostess! She's known Veronica since Veronica was born.
Use the Handy Chopper and get exercise at the same time!
Veronica and LuCille chose "Chicken Tomato Pesto Flatbread"
and "Churros con Chocolat"
Audrie assisted Veronica, made the second batch of churros with Josh, and learned how to use a few of the tools herself!
Josh (Veronica's boyfriend - here from Tucson) and Tim also helped out in the kitchen!!
Thanks, Missy, and everyone else that came out to Veronica's first Pampered Chef Cooking Show!


We are having our usual HOT July temperatures, but Miranda was up for a photo shoot, anyway, at Lake Las Vegas before she embarks on a 2-year international teaching position! We were pleasantly surprised at how pretty Lake Las Vegas looked, despite the fact that the Ritz Carlton closed in May. Comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

No 1

No 2

No 3

No. 4

No 5

No 6

No 7

No 8

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miranda's here and Sona's Learning to Swim!

Miranda is in town and we wanted to have family over to see her. We love that we are all going to the same church, now, so we came home and swam, ate, and then swam again!

Here's Miranda with her dad, Roger

Josh and Veronica

Carmel and her brother, Matt

Chance and Sona

Sona and her daddy, Jake

Carmel's grandmother, Vivian, and Carmel's mom, Vivian (in town from Bismarck)

No fear, Sona, flying through the air

Swimming to Auntie Miranda

and jumping in with cousin, Chance

Chance's nice form diving off of Uncle Jake

Several chicken fights! Oh, what an awesome day!!

Not sure if Jake or Sona had more fun!

Yes, I was there...Roger took this one.

Steve and Cindy at Mon Ami Gabi

We haven't seen Steve and Cindy since we lived in Maryland and they lived in Ohio. We used to go to church with them in Idaho Falls and met them just before Roger and I got married! So they've known us a long time! We were so happy when they called to tell us they would be visiting Las Vegas and wanted to see us. We had such an enjoyable evening with them.

We went to our favorite restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel on the strip. It was HOT, but we still wanted to eat outside. You couldn't ask for a better view with the Bellagio fountain show across the street and a Johnny Depp pirate working for tips.

The misters were in full force with the temperatures close to 110 if not higher. Some of the passerbys were taking full advantage.

No matter what you order from the menu, save room for dessert. It's always good! We have never been able to order anything else than the profiteroles, but Steve and Cindy opted for the peach sundae with rasberry meringue. We were all happy.

Have I mentioned how happy we are to live in Las Vegas? Steve and Cindy were headed for the Beatles' Love Show which is one of our favorites, but we headed home with the top down and enjoyed the Las Vegas lights which even living here, we don't see every day.