Friday, March 4, 2011

Crab Corner

We used to live in Maryland. We missed Las Vegas but we loved meeting new friends, visiting new places, and eating. We love to eat and right now we are on a diet. But we took a break from our diet to enjoy a new restaurant Veronica spotted in Las Vegas - Crab Corner. She kept telling us, "I drove by and it looks like a crab house from Maryland!" We weren't disappointed and the boys that own it are from Bowie, Maryland. Fun!

Roger and Veronica wanted regular fries, but I tried a favorite of mine...sweet potato fries!

We were all happy - first fries since January 3rd!

We had to get the steamed shrimp, too, with just the right spicing, just like we had in Maryland.

Ah! Here they are!! Jumbos!

We'll go back again!