Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Weekend: Two Trunk or Treats

We normally volunteer at our church Trunk or Treat on Halloween night. There are a couple of problems with not being home on Halloween. The first is we never get to see the cute little trick-or-treaters and while we have left candy on the doorstep, my big Tupperware bowl was taken along with the candy one year! The other is that our grandchildren can't give up trick-or-treating so they seldom want to come to the Trunk or Treat. Well, we are at a new church after 20 years and the new church has their Trunk or Treat before Halloween! Hurray! I got to see some of my grandchildren in costume. We still weren't home on Halloween night, however, because my next-door neighbor said no kids trick or treat in our  mostly retirement gated community.  Roger and I took a trip to Valley of Fire after I took confirmation pictures on Sunday afternoon. Another wonderful weekend!

Veronica as a tourist and me as Paula Deen!
Jocelynn as Lady Gaga and her friend, Danielle as a mental patient
Elijah, Ryan, and grandson, Chance (with a mouthful of candy?)
Our long-time friends, Dan and Pam, came to help by face-painting and then recruited Veronica near the end to help. Pam talked her into helping out our old church with face-painting on Halloween night!

Another Trunk or Treat!
Sona and Carmel - beside their prize-winning pumpkin and trunk!

No way am I kissing that face, daddy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Marché Bacchus with Don and Susan

Dinner with a view - Don and Susan were in town and treated us to dinner at 
Marché Bacchus! A very lovely night and a delicious dinner! I can't recommend this place highly enough! Great food, great service, you can see the great view in the photo below, and there is a wine store right on the property where you can pick out exactly what you want.

Don and Susan were here for a conference, but we did have enough time to get a couple of hands of Canasta in before they left. It's tied 1-1. Tie-breaker next trip!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lawrence, Paula, Matt, Chelsea, and Jake - First Look!

Saturday in the Park! Lucky me...I got to photograph the family of one of my 2010 high school seniors I photographed last spring! Chelsea's mom, Paula, called me and said she wanted to get the whole family together this time! Their son just got a puppy, yes a big puppy, so he got to be in most of the photos. With their busy schedules, I was very happy we worked out a time. Here is the first look of this loving and beautiful family at our morning in the park!


Tradition! I love the song from Fiddler on the Roof. We have a lot of traditions around our house. One of them is having a family dinner to celebrate birthdays. Sometimes I'm able to talk Roger into taking everyone out to dinner, but since we have such a big family, it doesn't happen too often. Maybe on my birthday. Here are a few pictures from Jeremy's, Jocelynn's, and Veronica's birthdays.

Sona showing us what she's learned in gymnastics!

Jocelynn opening present from Jake, Carmel, and Sona

Sona showing Uncle Jeremy and Chance

Carmel and Jake

Grandpa Roger

Jocelynn loved the pajamas and even wore them to school for pajama day!

Sona and Chance trying to get a closer look at Jeremy's present

They (daughter and dad) each get a "special plate"

Make a wish!

A few weeks later we celebrated Veronica's birthday. It was a busy, busy weekend because I had a booth at our church Fall Festival and Craft Expo; Veronica's boyfriend, Josh, was coming into town; and Veronica and I had signed up to make goodies for two different church events on the same weekend.

My booth at the Fall Festival and Craft Expo - I gave away a free photo session and 11x14 - Congratulations to the winner, Nancy Harris! 
Fortunately, I had a couple of deliveries that had just come in - so I had a few more photos to display, besides the family members!

Tradition! This is one I didn't start, but Veronica did. One year on my birthday, Veronica knocked on my bedroom door after Roger had gone to work and came in with a tray. She had made me breakfast in bed! It consisted of cocoa puffs and chocolate milk (yes, we love chocolate). It was very sweet and I don't remember how old she was. But, ever since, she has wanted breakfast in bed for HER birthday. Josh was visiting on the couch, so we woke him up invited him to join us in giving our 20-year old, breakfast in bed. Hey, it was Sunday, and Sundays are very busy around our household, so she got a bagel and chocolate milk.

Yes, we all just woke up.
Sona and Jake
Josh and Veronica

Chance and Jocelynn
Roger and me

Veronica gets a present from Jake, Carmel, and Sona

Woo hoo! Pajamas with chocolate-covered strawberries!
Carmel, Sona, and Jake

Good birthday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jamie at Lake Las Vegas!

Jamie has fond memories of Lake Las Vegas. Her family has spent many Saturday nights at Jazz on the Lake and a year ago they spent the 4th of July staying at Lake Las Vegas for several days. When I asked where Jamie wanted to have her senior portraits taken, the answer was immediate...Lake Las Vegas! Jamie wanted photos taken with her choir warm-up suit because she says she spends so much time in it practicing and performing with her school choir. I think Jamie's dad is going to have a tough time picking out his favorite. Jamie has a beautiful smile as you can see! By the way, the day couldn't have been better out at Lake Las Vegas. Such a gorgeous October day!